How to Recover data from Raw File System on Mac

Do you want to recover data from mac raw file system? Are you wondering how to achieve Mac Raw recovery? Whenever your Mac PC shows or displays Raw file system while you try to access the data stored in the volume, it indicates some error. Actually Raw file system is not a regular file system as FAT and NTFS/NTFS5 rather it signifies an error file system. The data becomes inaccessible when the volume or Mac hard drive is displayed as Raw while accessing it. In such cases when the mac user tries to open any volume or storage drive, a message pops up suggesting “The disk in not formatted. Do you want to format the drive Now”. However, formatting the drive will result in erasing of the stored data. What to do next? Recovering of data from raw file system becomes quite challenging issue as the disk volume indicates zero byte.

You must be wondering to know the reason for files system becoming Raw. Raw file system is common problem with external storage devices such as hard disk and SD card that prevents data stored in it. Thus it becomes unreadable and not recognized by PC or any other Mac devices. Some of the probable reasons for Raw file system are clearly stated below as:

  • virus infection
  • formatting error
  • improper system shutdown
  • power sabotage

The above factors might result in Raw file system thus making the files inaccessible. But now it is possible to recover data from Mac file system with third party data recovery mac tool that supports Mac Raw recovery. It is a powerful tool that scans the raw file system on Mac volume displaying the raw files as preview safely without damaging the operating system. It recovers the deleted and inaccessible raw files on the basis of the file signature that supports raw recovery on Mac OS X.

Features of Software

  • it recovers files and data from Raw file system
  • it is compatible FAT and NTFS/NTFS5 file system
  • it retrieves data from hard drive, SD card and other external storage media.
  • it is exclusively designed for mac users
  • it is compatible with every version of Mac OS X.

Stellar Phoenix


Thanks for the wonderful software for mac data recovery. It recovered all my lost files and deleted files. Thank you once again. "John, UK"